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Shared Living

Are you interested in becoming a positive force in someone’s life through West Bay’s newest support option? Have you considered building a lasting and enriching relationship upon the foundation of friendship and mutual trust? If so, our Shared Living Arrangement (SLA) program is a unique avenue worth exploring.


West Bay offers SLA as an opportunity for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live in private homes with dedicated contractors who support them with their personal growth and development. The process is highly personalized, and our SLA contractors are carefully selected through a detailed matching process. The most critical component of any Shared Living Arrangement is to ensure the participant and contractor has shared values, interests and ideals.  The goal is to make a long-lasting match that mutually enhances the lives of both, participant and contractor. These relationships—built in natural family settings—are what make our Shared Living Arrangement program a successful and rewarding experience.

Our SLA contractors are not only home providers; they are advocates, mentors, friends and family members. They offer an array of opportunities for individuals to take part in the everyday activities of family life, such as learning new skills, socializing, household management, discovering new hobbies and pursuing creative endeavors.  SLA contractors are responsible for assisting individuals with daily schedules and services. In return, providers receive a tax-free stipend, as well as tax-free room and board for the individual.

Our SLA providers are never alone: they are backed by an agency with a 35-year history and a team of highly-trained professionals who give guidance every step of the way. From the initial meeting and throughout the nuances of daily life, West Bay’s staff facilitates and provides ongoing support. In partnership the individuals, their families, and our SLA contractors, we develop Individual Service Plans and continually adjust these plans as persons reach new goals or if their needs change. Every individual is actively involved in planning his/her daily routine and services received. To that end, we offer 24-hour on-call support; family involvement and support; advocacy services; community integration; opportunities to receive West Bay’s Customized Employment & Community-Based Day Supports; life skills development; and quality assurance.


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