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Mission & Core Values


To provide innovative, person-centered supports to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in ways that promote community inclusion, personal power, self-expression and life fulfillment.


In order to fulfill our mission, West Bay upholds the following core values, which create a Code of Conduct for our staff. We encourage and expect one another to embrace these guiding principles in all aspects of our work.


We believe that personal integrity encompasses being trustworthy, accountable and fair in our interactions with others. Guided by honesty, we do what is right in all situations and take responsibility for our actions. 


Every person is a unique individual who inherently deserves our respect. Through our actions and words, we demonstrate that others are valued and appreciated for who they are; we therefore embrace diversity in all of its multiplicities.


Each of our employees is a valuable team member who contributes to our mission. Coming through for our colleagues and filling in when needed is critical to our overall success. Together, we share ideas, problem-solve and make decisions in our efforts to support one another, as well as the individuals we serve


Delivering the highest quality services to the individuals we support is the touchstone of our mission; thus, we are committed to safety, excellence and ongoing professional development in the field.


We are committed to open and honest communication, among our staff and the individuals we serve. We choose our words carefully, are clear in our expectations, and we resolve conflict through respectful dialogue.

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