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Self Employment

Through Self Employment, individuals pursue entrepreneurship of their own business initiatives. Individuals who do not fit into the traditional employee/employer model develop very customized business opportunities providing quality services and products to the community.

Earning an income through one’s own efforts is a rewarding experience on many levels. It allows an individual to pursue a creative passion, and it can lead to an increase in self-esteem, as well as greater self-sufficiency.  West Bay, therefore, encourages the individuals we serve to explore entrepreneurship as a potential career path.  Our staff provides guidance and support as they develop their own customized business initiatives.  In turn, individuals are empowered to access their communities and promote their products and services.


Through innovation and creativity, West Bay has assisted individuals in launching the following successful self- employment endeavors: coffee and lunch delivery services; selling Avon products; dog walking services; stocking and maintaining candy and soda vending machines; creating and selling handmade greeting cards; floral design and services and custom jewelry.

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