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Customized Employment

West Bay is committed to providing individuals with IDD with the tools and resources needed to seek and secure gainful employment. We believe every person has distinct talents and strengths, as well as an inherent right to full inclusion in the workplace. With the proper support, many individuals have the potential to pursue a career, earn a competitive salary, receive benefits, build assets and contribute to the economy.


Our Customized Employment program is designed to ensure success on the job and is aligned with individuals’ capabilities and interests. We utilize a person-centered, strengths-based approach—one that leads to increased independence, self-esteem and the sense of personal power that arises from earning one’s own income.

As part of our continuous efforts to support people in obtaining meaningful employment, West Bay has established strong partnerships with local businesses, and we will continue to foster these relationships, while developing new ones in the future.


Through collaboration and communication, West Bay’s staff strives to maintain an open and supportive relationship with employers. As we develop community connections, our customized employment team regularly reach out to potential employers to identify, negotiate and develop workforce opportunities. Using an innovative approach, the teams seek positions that match individuals’ choices, skills and abilities that will benefit the individual and future employer.  In doing so, a creative network is built throughout the state of Rhode Island, which leads to more possibilities for individuals to secure meaningful employment.

Our goal is to ensure that individuals are able to work to the best of their ability and receive opportunities that most closely match their skills. With the support of our exceptional team, each individual, who is work-ready, receive skills and needs assessments, which evaluate and determine present skills, abilities, goals, and accommodations. As part of this process, we support people with:

  • Resume, Cover Letters and Interview Preparation: to assist individuals with articulating their professional strengths, both aloud and in writing.

  • Career Exploration: to find positions that reflects choice, interests and abilities.

  • Goal Setting and Reflection: to develop an individualized plan for achieving personal, social, community and employment goals, evaluate progress, and set new goals.

  • Job Searches and Applications Assistance: to locate potential positions and apply in hard copy and/or online formats.

  • Accommodations: to provide the assistive technology and adaptive equipment necessary for communication and mobility on the job.

  • Training in the Specific Duties Required for a Position: to offer specialized support to individuals as they learn new skills and acclimate to their workplace.

  • Job Coaching and Mentoring: to build confidence, address concerns, and ensure continued success on the job.

  • Job Retention and Advancement: to work in partnership with employers to ensure that individuals not only keep their present positions, but also can increase their hours and responsibilities.

Individuals also have the option to join West Bay’s Job Club, which is designed to help individuals build and maintain their skills through discussion, role-playing and the sharing of actual work experiences.

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