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Day Supports

Through our Community-Based Day Supports, we provide an array of on and off-site opportunities for people to connect with community partners, build new skills and participate in enriching activities. To this end, we have established relationships in many different settings, which reflect the individuals’ unique abilities and interests.  There are weekly opportunities for entrepreneurship and volunteerism, as well as for physical exercise, creative expression and socializing with others. Our ever-growing list includes: libraries, book clubs and bookstores; coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants; grocery, retail and pet stores; guitar and motorcycle shops; parks and beaches; zoos, horse farms and flower shops; craft classes, senior centers and food banks; arcades, bowling, and many more.

In collaboration with local organizations and businesses, presently people have opportunities to actively choose to engage in sensory stimulation, music appreciation and drumming groups; classes in painting, poetry, sign language, history, current events, computers, baking, and healthy cooking; flower arranging, glamour groups, and pet therapy; relaxation and health and wellness participation, as well as Wii movement and game groups.


Our list of community-based activities is continually expanding and is custom-designed to provide ongoing opportunities for growth and self-expression. As a result, many of the individuals we support have secured customized and volunteer positions in the community; while others have become self-employed.

Connecting people to a wide range of community resources and activities is integral to West Bay’s mission as we support them in leading self-directed lives.

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