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J.O.L.T. - Job Opportunities Learned Together

October 01, 2019

To achieve sustained employment, individuals living with disabilities require access to career pathway strategies that focus equally on personal choice, education, and the development of natural supports and networks to provide foundation and ensure sustainability. The West Bay JOLT program has been designed to provide this untapped workforce with opportunities to identify vocational themes that are person centered and reflective of the needs of Rhode Island employers while simultaneously learning effective techniques that enhance job development and the recruitment of community members to support positive outcomes over time. 


While personal choice and self-direction are essential components of the West Bay Jolt program, job seekers will be encouraged to consider jobs that represent a commonality between their interests, strengths, career goals and the needs of local employers. 

West Bay Works

March 27, 2019

Employment Partnership:  Using a multilateral approach, our support teams seek positions that match people’s choices, skills and abilities, which will benefit the person and future employer.

Stable Wokforce, Stable Lives

March 17, 2019

THE COMMUNITY PROVIDER Network of Rhode Island is organizing a week of action starting March 26 to rally support for a $28.5 million increase in the state budget to support wage increases for the state’s direct-support staff who work with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. / COURTESY COMMUNITY PROVIDER NETWORK OF RHODE ISLAND

West Bay Transitions

March 27, 2019

The mission of West Bay Transitions is to create learning opportunities in the community for High School aged students who are ‘transitioning’ from school based services into adult services.  We bring the classroom into the community where students take part in functional learning related to employment, life skills, community navigation and social competency.  Currently, West Bay Transitions is supporting more than 30 students from 3 school districts who take part in internships with local employers where opportunities for learning occur in real life settings.   

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