Community Picnic

Our Community

The West Bay community includes residential homes, apartments and individual homes. All of our homes are very individualized based on the interests of the people who live there. Our employees become extended members of our family environments and often they participate in many extracurricular events with the people they support on their own time. We encourage this “family” atmosphere and it is evident in our homes and in the satisfaction of the people living there.

Our CommunityThe goal of our community is to involve the individuals we support and employees in all agency sponsored events and social activities. We strive to provide opportunities for individuals to engage in inclusive activities regardless of their abilities. These activities and events provide social and learning opportunities to engage people in shared experiences, and are conducive to building lasting relationships.

Social activities may include, but are not limited to: Holiday celebrations, birthday parties, summer cookouts, shared dinners, and activities such as musical events, crafting, or exercise groups.